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Hopping mad Shane Warns of the aged and fresh - #BackInMacc

Hopping mad Shane Warns of the aged and fresh – #BackInMacc

Oooh, that title…(hides)

Just a little teaser of a couple of brews from Cheshire Brewhouse appearing at BackInMacc. One will be completely new, launched on the day, the other old and exclusive as the only kegged version available anywhere.

The first will be “John Barleycorn’s Green Hop Temptress” a fresh green hopped pale ale, fresh being the optimum word here, launched at Treacle Tap. The other…

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"The East Indiaman Story" a guest post by David Shipman for #BackInMacc

“The East Indiaman Story” a guest post by David Shipman for #BackInMacc

IMG_20140728_163229327If I look back on the stories I have, or could have, told over the last two years or so, I’d probably have to start all of them along the lines of “It started over a beer”.  This is no exception.  It’s a story in its own right, but really its just a chapter in a longer story that isn’t yet complete.  But it is becoming a significant chapter.  Enough though of the self-serving prelude.  Let’s get…

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Macclesfield update #BackInMacc

We are getting ever closer to September and quite rightly, a few of you have asked questions on updates for #BaccInMacc. Things have moved on a pace behind the scenes, but without proper confirmation it’s been difficult to share anything for fear it falls through. But here goes, we have some great things lined up and some still to be announced very soon.

Itinerary wise we are looking like this, a…

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Birmingham Beer Bash 2 - Smiley, Happy, People

Birmingham Beer Bash 2 – Smiley, Happy, People

IMG_9807This weekend saw the second Birmingham Beer Bash come and go at The Bond Co in Digbeth, “Buuurminum”. The sun shone, it was bloody hot (generally) and as per last year, everyone seemed to be having a damn good time.

In another repeat of last year, I looked at the beer list and was muchos excited by what I saw. I made mental “I MUST have that” notes and pretty much ignored them, shambling randomly…

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— 1 month ago
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Los Muertos Brewing Co (Part One)

Los Muertos Brewing Co (Part One)

logoAs an Englishman/Brit, holidays abroad usually means one of two things dependant on destination. Either an amazing selection of beer in certain parts of Europe or a sea of relatively bland yellow fizz in others, with a similar story further afield for long-haul destinations. As a seasoned beer traveller, very early on in the planning stages for our “non-beer” holiday, I always try and do a bit of…

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"Nino-vation" - De Ranke

“Nino-vation” – De Ranke

Nino Bacelle, takes the floor at “Beermoth” in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and after a brief introduction apologises for his slightly poor grasp of the English language, he’s here to talk about “De Ranke Brouwerij”, his brewery and the wonderful range they create. (The latter being my words not his, but nonetheless true). The apology is clearly not needed as the room is full of beer lovers…

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— 2 months ago
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The Lord Clyde RedWillow Kitchen Takeover

The Lord Clyde RedWillow Kitchen Takeover


When Molly, one of the fine staff at Red Willow Bar in Macclesfield first told me about a “not to be missed” event coming soon to the bar, I immediately said “when, count me in” and stuck the date in my diary. However I must admit to being a little startled at the £50 per ticket price tag when later I saw the full announcement, but knowing Toby and Caroline Mckenzie’s passion for quality I went…

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— 2 months ago
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Brew Beginnings #BackInMacc

Yes, I’m still here….

It has been a while since the first (only) #BackInMacc update, things sort of developed and what with lots of other stuff going on, it just hasn’t seemed a good time to be on the blog at all if I’m honest. The original planned date of Saturday 13th September 2014still stands, but after discussion with a few of the folk involved the format has changed slightly, but hopefully…

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— 2 months ago
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The Art of Beer - Rob Pointon at The Bulls Head

The Art of Beer – Rob Pointon at The Bulls Head

IMG_8740I don’t tend to do event plugs on here (as stand alone posts at least), but this one is a little different as it features something that has both happened and is yet to be. It features many people I know well, and sees a guest appearance of my own best doggie pal Maggie.

Sporadically over the last few weeks, my local pub The Bulls Head in Burslem, has paid host to artist Rob Pointonas he painted…

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— 5 months ago
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Glassware Conundrum?

Being a “bit” of a glass pedant, I often get asked questions by folk like “what glass do you think best suits this beer?” and such things.

Now I know there are no hard and fast rules, and to some folks, a glass is purely a method of shifting liquid from table to gob with no thoughts of what benefits using a suitable designed receptacle could bring to the party. Some don’t bother with glasses at…

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